About Us

ZeroTrusted.ai is a pioneering company in the field of Generative AI security, starting with Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) and dedicated to protecting corporate data in the LLM ecosystem. With a focus on innovation and compliance, ZeroTrusted.ai delivers unparalleled solutions for organizations navigating the complex world of AI and data privacy.
Our Vision
To provide reliable and intelligent zero trust security solutions that safeguard data and applications with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and universal encryption.

Meet our Company Founders

Waylon Krush is a US Army Veteran having served 7 years in the US and overseas. He is also an accomplished cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in security strategy, design, architecture, development, exploitation, monitoring, incident response, malware analysis, forensic sampling/cyber hunt, and training for telecommunications, networks, systems, and data.

As an entrepreneur, Waylon founded Lunarline, Inc., a cybersecurity and privacy company that provided secure solutions and role-based cybersecurity training and certification. Lunarline was acquired by Motorola Solutions in March 2020, where he served as the Chief Technologist for Motorola Solutions Cyber Security Services organization. Waylon also helped create and served on the Board of Directors for Warrior to Cyber Warrior, a non-profit organization that provided Veterans and Active Duty Military with training, certification, and career paths in the cybersecurity field.

Waylon holds a BS in Computer Information Science from the University of Maryland University College and has multiple certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Expert Independent Assessor (CEIA), Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), and more.

Waylon has contributed to various publications and testified before the Committee on Homeland Security U.S. House of Representatives and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Waylon has completed over 3000 hours of training from the National Security Agency (NSA) National Cryptologic School (NCS). His outstanding contributions to cybersecurity have earned him several awards, including the Knowlton Award, DOT Cyber Security Excellence Award, Smart CEO Cyber Warrior Award, and Future 50 Award and was named The 20 Most Admired Tech Leaders in Business 2017 by Insight Success.

Femi Fashakin is a highly driven technical leader and architect with a wealth of experience in building enterprise technology, cloud infrastructure, and has lead various projects for fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Comcast, and FIS Global. With a strong background in security applications, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as Agile methodologies and team leadership, Femi has a proven track record of delivering complex projects across multiple industries.

In addition, Femi is an expert in game theory, having cultivated a passion for strategy games from an early age. He has pursued advanced courses and delved deeply into the principles of game theory through the exploration of optimal simulation software. His interests encompass a wide range of topics, including Nash equilibrium, expected value, and dominant strategies in both finite and infinite games. 

Femi currently applies his game theory knowledge and expertise in designing intelligent and defensive systems for ZeroTrusted.ai by implementing networks and infrastructures that can effectively combat cyber-attacks.

Femi is also known for his significant achievement in the world of poker. He gained prominence by winning the largest-ever poker tournament, the “BIG 50” event in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), securing a prize of $1,147,449. This event was notable for its record-setting size and Femi’s successful strategy and performance against a large number of competitors. His victory in this event marked a major milestone in his poker career.

Our Team

At ZeroTrusted.ai, we are committed to providing the highest level of security for your infrastructure. 

Contact us today to learn how our innovative technologies and machine learning can help you achieve true Zero Trust Security.